About us

Get to know us

FM Scenografie is a historical reality that operates in the field of scenographic creations for operas, television shows, commercial events and much more. Born from the love for the work of the people who compose it, over the years it has always dealt with very different orders, from work at the Parenti Theater to Rinascente, from the RAI studios to adventures abroad: F.M. Scenografie is a team of people with many different skills who cooperate with the aim of producing aesthetically pleasing and good quality work.

Our goal

A private company naturally has the aim of being a profit-making company. But FM has never been just this. We present ourselves not only as suppliers but as long-lasting, reliable partners, trying to build a relationship of extreme trust and connection with our customer and their needs, so that we can continue to collaborate for a long time and face every challenge together. If we need to lend a hand in a moment of difficulty, we will never back down within our possibilities.

Quality first

A relationship of trust inevitably leads to a valid, economically and technically sustainable result. From the satisfaction that the customer shows us in entrusting us with an order again, but also from the observations that help a historic company to grow and improve year after year. Our work is never the same, each scenography is a prototype but also an opportunity to measure ourselves with our technical background derived from stagecraft, to combine it according to the decorative and construction needs required.


We want to be a solid reality and point of reference in the world of scenographic creations with its values. Construction quality, technical competence and concreteness cannot be the only fundamental solutions for a healthier development of our sector: our experience teaches us how necessary it is to have empathy, intuition, logical ability to be able to intercept the problems of our customers before they even show up. For this reason, all our staff are trained towards overall evolution, which leads not only to the success of the company but also of the event in which they collaborate.


We come from the past, but we also intend to project ourselves into the future. For this reason we are constantly looking for new young professionals who want to be part of this reality, we are proud to be a team with very different ages! At the same time, we try to equip ourselves with the latest generation of innovative tools to optimize production and quality and make our spaces more efficient and safer.