The result

FM Scenografie is a reality able to follow its client at every stage of processing, ensuring a series of services not strictly linked to the realization, which is however useful or indispensable for the success of the final result.

What we do

Pre-assembly of elements

The construction phase always ends with a pre-assembly of the parts at our spaces, so that the right final result can be achieved in person, and any possible errors can be intercepted during the project delivery phase.

Final design

Our design team, equipped with set designers and architects, can assemble projects for any type of set-up according to the customer’s needs, starting from its needs up to the aesthetic result to be achieved, to intercept the mood and the style required.

Executive planning

Starting from a final project, from a three-dimensional simulation, from an idea, for us, it is possible to go into detail on the technical components and material treatment, to obtain the documents and data necessary for the construction of the artefact by the operators.

Technical realization

Following the executive design, our workers are, therefore, able to create any type of scenography or set-up desired. Making our manufacturing processes explicit to our customers and leaving them accessible our spaces to control the progress of processing, the definition of samples for the finishing in scenography, the check of particular realization phases with a specific delicacy.

Scenes Transportation

Combined with the set-up, F.M. Scenografie is also able to provide the transport of the scenes by its own to the site defined for assembly.

Technical parts or scenes rental

F.M. Scenografie has access to a vast catalogue of furnishings, elements and scenes that can be reconverted or re-used starting from the purposes that are proposed to us.

On-site set-up and dismantling

F.M. Scenografie also guarantees the possibility that its workers can operate on the move, even on several-day assembly, to ensure the customer a complete package from the definition of the project to its final delivery.

Storage area

On request of re-usage, F.M. Scenografie has adequate spaces to preserve the scenes once finished their use. We are talking about large areas located in the Milanese hinterland, therefore also ensuring a certain speed of reuse of the crammed elements.